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Patent Litigation

The intellectual property of a business is one of its most valuable assets. The trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets a business possesses establish its very identity as an organization. When litigation threatens that intellectual property, it is imperative that you protect those rights. The team of patent litigators at Hansen Reynolds have helped businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies protect their intellectual property from these threats and help them pursue litigation against those who violate their intellectual property.




Trade dress

Trade secret

Lanham Act

IP asset review

IP counseling

Business Litigation

Today, the world of business litigation involves parties with great resources and huge amounts of money at stake. In this era of complex business litigation, Hansen Reynolds provides our clients with a unique edge. By our focus on complex business litigation, we bring not just expertise, but efficiency to your case, saving your valuable time and resources for daily business operations instead of litigation. With a proven record of success for our clients in complex business litigation, Hansen Reynolds is committed to providing the best outcomes for our clients, with the least disruption to their ongoing business activities as possible.

Complex financial instruments and transactions

Real Estate litigation

Trust indentures and other security agreements

Antitrust and unfair competition

Securities fraud

Fiduciary duty litigation

Shareholder and investor rights

Mergers and acquisitions

Business torts

Partnership disputes

Closely held and limited liability company disputes

Nuisance cases

Professional malpractice


False advertising


The world of business today is an international one. While this creates great opportunities, it also exposes businesses to great legal risks. Navigating and litigating across international boundaries provides a complex challenge to anyone in the business world forced to confront international issues and disputes. Hansen Reynolds employs a team of attorneys and legal experts who have steered cases across the legal systems of countries around the world. While able to handle cases wherever they may arise, Hansen Reynolds has particular expertise dealing with China and the particular issues that often arise when dealing with Chinese businesses.

Chinese business law

Government & Constitutional

Litigation involving government entities often proves difficult and expensive for clients. From adverse decisions by government boards to the passage of laws affecting a business, it is often imperative that a business challenge the government’s rules and regulations. The team at Hansen Reynolds has successfully taken such challenges and obtained crucial results for our clients’ businesses. Such success requires attorneys like those at Hansen Reynolds who can handle complex litigation against the government.

To challenge the government’s rules and regulations, it is often necessary to bring constitutional challenges against a particular rule or regulation. The team at Hansen Reynolds has the expertise to bring such constitutional challenges. From constitutional bases for rule changes to civil rights violations and Section 1983 litigation, Hansen Reynolds guides clients through successful constitutional challenges to regulations and helps clients obtain relief from violations of their rights.



Civil rights and section 1983 litigation

Construction & Real Estate

The realm of construction and real estate litigation involves many types of litigation, from contract disputes to lien claims. The Hansen Reynolds team of construction and real estate litigators can guide those at all levels of the construction and real estate trade through disputes. Our attorneys have represented clients in these industries at the local, state, and federal government level, as well as in front of government agencies. Hansen Reynolds ensures that our clients receive the best representation for their needs and we strive to achieve successful outcomes which protect the businesses and assets of our clients.




Breach of contract

Lien claims

Insolvency or bankruptcy

Design build


Owner/Contractor/Subcontractor/Design Professional disputes

Bid disputes

Insurance coverage


One of the most valuable features of any company is its employees. Unfortunately, sometimes disputes arise between an employer and its employees. These disputes can involve anything from violations of non-competition agreements to discrimination matters, and often require discreet and careful actions to solve the problem and prevent similar problems from arising in future matters. The team of employment litigators at Hansen Reynolds can provide the necessary representation to help resolve your present employment litigation needs and work to mitigate any future potential litigation and get your business back to work.

Trade secrets

Non-competition agreements



Executive comp

Wage and hour

Data security


False Claims Act (FCA) case

Consumer & Product Liability

A business facing a consumer or product liability action may be facing a situation where it is potentially liable for millions of dollars—or more—in judgments and fines. These cases can be crippling to a business. The attorneys at Hansen Reynolds have successfully helped our clients avoid and minimize such potentially devastating outcomes and can provide you with the same, to ensure your business survives and thrives moving forward.

Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act cases (FACTA)

Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA)

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

False Advertising

Personal injury

Wrongful death

Property damage

Economic loss claims

Design and manufacturing defect

Probate & Trust Litigation

Wills and trusts are one of the most important methods of managing the financial assets of individuals. Unfortunately, situations arise in which mismanagement of trusts, misconduct of individuals, or other problems arise with wills and trusts that result in litigation. The legal expertise of Hansen Reynolds helps guide our clients through litigation involving wills and trusts, and we work to ensure our clients avoid costly mistakes that can destroy an individual’s financial future.

Will disputes

Fiduciary duty litigation

Trust litigation


For many cases, the best resolution for the client is not full-blown litigation, but attempting to solve the client’s problem before litigation becomes necessary. The attorneys at Hansen Reynolds are experienced at determining when mediation or arbitration is a necessary or advantageous way to help resolve a client’s issues. Hansen Reynolds guides our clients through the mediation or arbitration process in a way that hopefully resolves the case without litigation, but also prevents any loss of opportunities for litigation should it become necessary.



Risk Assessment

Many attorneys are quick to encourage a client to pursue litigation, more concerned with their own bottom lines than those of their clients. The attorneys at Hansen Reynolds strive to help you make the best decisions for your business. One of the most important aspects of this process is risk assessment. We work with you to determine the legal merit of your case, the monetary costs associated with the potential of taking a case to trial, and the potential risks involved in the various scenarios litigation raises. The comprehensive and rigorous risk assessment Hansen Reynolds provides may make the difference between turning what should be a minor matter into an expensive and unnecessary piece of litigation.

Pre-suit analysis of claims

Contract review

Patent portfolio review and monetization assessment

Policies and procedures review

Personal Injury, Class Action & Mass Torts

Both the bringing of class actions and mass tort actions and the defending of such actions are highly specialized areas of the law. The litigators at Hansen Reynolds have experience in bringing such claims and a track record of success in getting classes certified. Our team can also help you or your group reach the result necessary to remedy any harms you have suffered in the outcome of class action and mass tort actions.

Conversely, with a background in bringing class actions and mass tort actions, Hansen Reynolds is able to help craft a defense in dealing with such actions, knowing the potential problems and issues that can work to successfully defend your company against the costs and bad publicity such actions can bring. We work with you to devise the best method for your business to handle a class action or mass tort action brought against it, with consideration of all the aspects and issues such a case can cause for your business.

Mass Tort

Class Action (plaintiff and defense)

Personal Injury (plaintiff and defense)

Appellate Law

The initial stage of litigation does not always end in the result a business wants. When you need to appeal your case to a higher court, the attorneys at Hansen Reynolds have an appellate team that has practiced at all appellate levels of the state and federal court system. Hansen Reynolds has the flexibility to work with your trial team or take over a case for any necessary appellate work, as well as the experience to mobilize quickly to meet deadlines that arise almost immediately after any unfavorable decision of a lower court. For those who need to protect their interests in a case in which they are not a litigant, Hansen Reynolds can help you navigate the appellate system as a friend of the court (amicus) to ensure that you or your organization’s views on an issue are heard and considered.

Full appellate representation -- case assessment, strategy, brief writing, oral argument

Trial consultation/appellate issue preservation

Oral argument preparation and moot court rehearsals

Preparing or responding to petitions for review

Post-appeal strategy

Writing amicus briefs

Indian Law

Indian law is one of the most complex areas of litigation, often involving the interaction of tribal law, state law, and federal law in multifaceted cases which can greatly affect the lives of all members of a tribe. From gaming to sovereign immunity, the attorneys at Hansen Reynolds help our clients to understand and resolve issues in the difficult and complicated world of Indian law, and reach solutions which are amenable to the many parties who are often involved in such cases.


Sovereign immunity

Tribal court jurisdiction

What we do

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Protecting your intellectual property is essential to your business's success. Our lawyers can handle cases covering patent law, trademarks, copyright infringement, and more.


Dealing with litigation between two or more businesses can be an enormous undertaking, requiring experienced litigators with a deep understanding of the law.


Enforcing contract law ensures that businesses function properly. In breach of contract cases, Hansen Reynolds can provide litigation services to enforce the terms of your contract.


If you or your business are subject to professional liability laws, Hansen Reynolds can provide you with advising and legal counsel, as well as legal representation.


Disputes between covered individuals and their insurance providers are an unfortunate fact of life. Our litigators can assist you in getting the coverage you've paid for.


When you are negatively affected by predatory business practices, acquiring the right legal team to represent your case is the first step towards being compensated for any damages.


If your rights as an employee or employer have been violated, our team of litigators can help make sure you are fairly compensated for any losses you've incurred.


Our experienced litigators can assist in cases involving various areas of real estate litigation, including lien claims, bid disputes, and contractor/subcontractor disputes.

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