Milwaukee, WI

Most Experienced Litigators in Milwaukee, WI

The 21st Century has delivered untold advances in all phases of life. A byproduct of those advances is a more complex world with more pitfalls than ever before. Selecting the right law firm to protect your property, as well as your rights, is more important than ever before. The team at Hansen Reynolds, LLC is comprised of some of the smartest and most experienced litigators in Milwaukee, WI. Our attorneys have found their way to our firm via some of the best universities and law schools in the world. Take the chance to get to know a little bit about us before you need to retain our services.

What Kind of Law does Hansen Reynolds Practice in Milwaukee?

It’s hard to watch television or be on the internet without running into one kind of legal advertisement or another. Hansen Reynolds doesn’t do that kind of law. Our team tackles some of the most complex cases involving some of the biggest names in the business world. In fact, Hansen Reynolds, LLC attorneys have appeared in courts spanning 37 states and several federal court jurisdictions. 

Our primary areas of legal practice include:

  • Patent and Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Business Litigation
  • Chinese Litigation
  • Mediations and Arbitrations

When your business or livelihood is in jeopardy, you don’t have time to choose the wrong kind of representation. Schedule a client evaluation with a Hansen Reynolds, LLC representative today.