Steve Biskupic

Welcome to At the Bar podcast, powered by Hansen Reynolds, where we give you a look inside the minds of top trial lawyers and other high-performing professionals. During our conversations, they'll share eye-opening war stories and break down their best negotiation, persuasion, and communication tactics along the way. 

On today's episode, Steve Biskupic hops on the mic. He's an experienced litigator with years of experience as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, trial lawyer, and now co-owner of his own firm, Biskupic & Jacobs. 

We cover a LOT of ground in this conversation, including: what it's like to work at a small vs. large firm, the “golden age of litigation”, why cases don't go to trial as often nowadays, criminal vs. civil bar, how to learn from your losses, and even 1870's Wisconsin whiskey law. 

So settle in with Steve Biskupic.