Flexible. Collaborative. Experienced.

Four Offices In The Midwest
  • Milwaukee
  • Chicago
  • Madison
  • Minneapolis

Experienced Litigators

Every case is high stakes

Our Practice

A tailored approach from experienced litigators.

We are trial lawyers. Everything we do is designed to win at trial. Hansen Reynolds is comprised of lawyers with top-notch experience and impeccable credentials. We combine our litigation expertise with a flexible, personal, collaborative approach to handling your case.







Hansen Reynolds proves that a law firm can win and represent the client with utmost integrity. Let’s face it, litigation can be extremely expensive, and it is refreshing to know Hansen Reynolds treats the clients’ money like their own.

Gary R Kane | President & CEO | Richardson Industries

26 Lawyers in 4 Cities

Hansen Reynolds offices are located throughout the Midwest. Our legal teams in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago and Madison serve major corporate and international clients in need of experienced litigation and dispute resolution legal services.

Collaboration Across Offices

Though we have several Hansen Reynolds offices, our 26 lawyers collaborate between each other and all 4 locations to deliver the best legal services for all of our practice areas. That’s over 100 years of combined legal experience that we put at your disposal.

  • Milwaukee
  • Chicago
  • Madison
  • Minneapolis


at the Bar

Welcome to the ‘At the Bar’ podcast powered by Hansen Reynolds. Your hosts Tim Hansen and Toby Reynolds have been lawyers for a combined 40+ years and spent their entire careers litigating and trying cases. Then, ten years ago they started their own litigation-only shop called Hansen Reynolds LLC. Along the way, they’ve met a ton of interesting characters who all have their own stories to tell. So, they decided to haul them into the studio, fire up the mics and see what played out.