Lobsters and Patent Prosecution: A Conversation with Matt Gavronski

In the latest episode of “At the Bar”, Tim Hansen and Toby Reynolds engage in a captivating conversation with Matt Gavronski, the newest partner at Hansen Reynolds. This episode takes listeners on a journey through Matt’s life, from his early days in Wisconsin Rapids to his current leadership role in the firm’s newest practice area: Patent Prosecution

Things kick off with the podcast’s newest segment, “underrated, overrated,” where the trio dishes on various foods—Tim gets surprisingly passionate about lobster. Transitioning from cuisine to Matt’s past, he shares tales of his love for mechanics and vintage Mustang race teams, recounting his days as a co-op engineer at Harley Davidson, giving us a peek into the world of intellectual property.

The discussion shifts to Matt’s law school days, highlighting his focus on intellectual property classes and sharing a humorous pass/fail moment that adds a touch of levity. The podcast then explores Matt’s professional evolution, detailing his experiences at Michael Best and McDermott Will & Emery, including the setup of an in-house patent prosecution practice at Clover Technologies Group.

Matt addresses the impact of COVID-19 on the printer cartridge remanufacturing industry and broader challenges in the auto parts and refurbished cell phone sectors. These insights provide listeners with valuable perspectives on the evolving legal landscape.

A major highlight is Matt’s move to Hansen Reynolds, emphasizing perfect timing and successful collaboration. The podcast explores the strategic aspects that led to Matt becoming an integral part of the firm, highlighting the synergy between his expertise and the vision of Hansen Reynolds.

Adding a personal touch, Matt shares anecdotes from his 24 Hours of Lemons race series adventures, childhood memories, and even his drink preferences. These personal insights offer listeners a more intimate understanding of Matt Gavronski beyond his professional achievements, making the episode not just about patent law and industry challenges but also a chance to get to know Matt on a personal level.