Milwaukee Mediation & Arbitration Services

Are you looking for an impartial and fair judgment without the stress of a court case? What is the alternative to litigation? Arbitration and mediation may prove to be a great alternative for you in the Milwaukee area and Hansen Reynolds LLC may be able to help.

Hansen Reynolds LLC provides mediation and arbitration services in Milwaukee, WI – that can help you and your legal team reach a fair decision without long, drawn-out litigation. We have the experience that you need to serve as an impartial third party and help you reach a fair outcome in potential civil litigation, personal injury, wrongful death and business disputes.

Here is a closer look at how we can help you in your mediation and arbitration case in the Milwaukee and Madison areas.

What Is Mediation and Arbitration?

You may be asking – what are the differences between mediation and arbitration? Hansen Reynolds LLC can help.

Mediation is a more informal process than arbitration, in which an impartial third party acts as a mediator between two parties in a dispute to help facilitate an agreement. The parties involved in a mediation case are responsible for reaching an agreement and it is up to the mediator to act as an impartial, unbiased third party and provide counsel two both parties as needed. Hansen Reynolds is available to act as a neutral mediator in disputes.

Arbitration is a more formal process used to settle disputes out of court. In an arbitration dispute, arbitrators act as a neutral third party – that should be agreed upon by both parties. The key difference between mediation and arbitration is that an arbitrator acts in place of a judge and has the authority to make legal and binding decisions in the dispute. A skilled arbitrator will listen to each party and make a fair and impartial decision in the case. Hansen Reynolds LLC has experience as an arbitrator and can function as an impartial third party in disputes.

What Mediation and Arbitration Services Are Available at Hansen Reynolds LLC?

Did you know that there are a long list of court cases across the country that have not yet reached a conclusion? Have you and your attorney found yourselves on that list of cases? Are you looking for a neutral party to help resolve your case? Hansen Reynolds LLC can serve in that role and help you reach a conclusion in your case via mediation and arbitration services in the Milwaukee and Chicago area.

The legal team here at Hansen Reynolds LLC provides a wide range of mediation and arbitration services that can help you and your attorney resolve your case.

  • Standard Mediation – Serve as mediator in a Facilitative or Evaluative role.
  • Standard Arbitration – Serve as a Single Arbitrator or a Panel.
  • Mediation-Arbitration – Serve as neutral mediator or arbitrator and if the mediation fails, the process leads to arbitration with a set date.
  • Arbitration-Mediation – Facilitate mediation and reveal arbitration decision only if/when there is no agreement after mediation and arbitration.
  • High-Low Arbitration – The Parties set High-Low parameters prior to the arbitration decision.
  • Final Offer Arbitration – Serve as arbitrator and select the final offer settlement that best reflects the arbitrator’s decision.

How Can Hansen Reynolds LLC Help in Your Mediation or Arbitration Case?

When you reach an impasse in your dispute and prefer to avoid litigation – mediation and arbitration provide a pair of legal options – that require an impartial third party that can help you find a solution and reach an agreement. Hansen Reynolds LLC is available to provide mediation and arbitration services in Milwaukee, WI and act as an unbiased third party in legal disputes.

The Hansen Reynolds Team has the experience you need to help mediate your case with background as a Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge and a Certificate in  Mediation from Northwestern University. Contact the legal team today for more information on the mediation and arbitration services we have to offer!