Chicago Mediation & Arbitration Services

Do you live in the Chicago area? Are you hoping to avoid a long, drawn out and stressful court case? Mediation and arbitration are a pair of legal options that are available to you in the Chicago area via Hansen Reynolds LLC.

Hansen Reynolds LLC is a law firm with offices in Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis and Chicago that provides a wide range of legal counsel and services. Individuals, attorneys and legal teams in need of mediation and arbitration services in Chicago, IL can enlist Hansen Reynolds to act as an impartial and unbiased third party in a variety of civil, personal injury, property or wrongful death disputes.

Here is a closer look at how Hansen Reynolds LLC can help you and your legal team reach a settlement in your dispute with informed and experienced mediation and arbitration services in the Chicago area.

Key Differences Between Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and arbitration provide individuals with an alternative to courtroom litigation – and are presided over by an unbiased and impartial mediator or arbitrator. Hansen Reynolds is available to serve as a mediator or arbitrator in your dispute – but what are the key differences between mediation and arbitration?

Arbitration is a formal process to resolve civil disputes outside of a courtroom and without litigation. When acting as an arbitrator, the Hansen Reynolds Team will preside over a dispute as a neutral third party in a formal proceeding and render a decision at the conclusion of the process that is binding for both parties.

Mediation is a more informal process that may be used to settle and resolve civil disputes. Mediators act as an unbiased third party between two parties – listening to the perspective of each side and providing informed suggestions, counsel and advice to help achieve a resolution. The key difference between arbitration and mediation is that in a mediation case, it is up to the two disputing parties to come to an agreement.

What Type of Mediation and Arbitration Services Are Available in Chicago IL?

Hansen Reynolds LLC has vast experience in mediation and arbitration in the Chicago area and is prepared to handle your dispute without pause. Attorneys and legal teams that are in need of an arbitrator or mediator in the Windy City area will receive fair and unbiased services at Hansen Reynolds LLC.

Here is a closer look at the mediation and arbitration services that we provide:

  • Standard Mediation
  • Standard Arbitration
  • Mediation-Arbitration
  • Arbitration-Mediation
  • High-Low Arbitration
  • Final-Offer Arbitration

How Can We Serve as Mediator or Arbitrator at Hansen Reynolds?


Did you know that there are thousands of backlogged cases in the court system? Did you know that many civil disputes can be settled with mediation or arbitration? Are you looking for a fair and impartial mediator or arbitrator? Hansen Reynolds LLC has the experience you need to help you and your legal team reach a conclusion in your dispute via mediation and arbitration services in Chicago, IL.

Hansen Reynolds LLC possesses a wealth of experience in the courtroom, in the office, in the classroom and on the bench that will help resolve disputes. With experience in private practice, experience on the bench as a Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge, knowledge built on a Certificate in Mediation from Northwestern University and Certified by the Chicago Bar Association – we will help you find a fair, creative and cost-effective resolution.

Contact Hansen Reynolds LLC today to learn more about the mediation and arbitration services we are able to provide in our offices!