Mediation & Arbitration Services

Courts are backlogged, sometimes years behind. Cases languish, memories fade, fees mount. Hansen Reynolds can help.

Hansen Reynolds resolves business and legal disputes at any stage. We offer impartial, experienced neutrals who work efficiently to end expensive, emotional and uncertain conflicts. Our dispute resolution services include mediation, arbitration, and other creative, customizable processes available in-person, virtually or a hybrid.

Mediation: We collaborate with you to create a process designed to settle cases quickly and fairly. We have a great setting to host mediations, but we are also flexible in determining where, when and how a matter should be mediated. We use pre-mediation calls, written submissions and post-mediation follow-up to doggedly pursue a final outcome.

Arbitration: With decades of experience on the bench, Hansen Reynolds’ arbitrators know how to run a trial. When you need finality but the parties simply can’t agree, binding arbitration is a highly effective alternative to protracted litigation. We can end the matter fully and fairly. And we can do so at any stage of the dispute, before, during or even after litigation.

What Are the Differences Between Mediation and Arbitration?

Hansen Reynolds LLC has the knowledge and expertise that you need to help resolve your mediation and arbitration case without litigation. A common question that we receive is – what are the differences between mediation and arbitration? Both options will help you solve your legal dispute outside of the courtroom via different methods. Here are basic definitions that will help you determine the key differences.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a non-binding process in which a mediator does not provide a judgment, but acts as an intermediary between two legal parties and their representatives to facilitate civil discussion and a hopeful resolution. Hansen Reynolds LLC is available to serve as intermediary.

What Is Arbitration?

Arbitration is – in most cases – a binding process that replaces litigation in a courtroom setting with a single arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators that will reach a conclusion in the case. Hansen Reynolds LLC can serve as an arbitrator in your case for you and your legal representatives.

How Can Hansen Reynolds LLC Help with Mediation and Arbitration?

What do you do when you have hired an attorney and want to avoid civil litigation? Hansen Reynolds LLC is available to provide mediation and arbitration services between parties in the Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis and Chicago areas. Equipped with experience as a Milwaukee County Circuit Judge, experience in private practice and a Certificate in Mediation from Northwestern University, the Hansen Reynolds LLC Team is here to help you reach a fair conclusion to your case and function as a neutral arbitrator or mediator.

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