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Protecting your intellectual property is essential to your business's success. Our lawyers can handle cases covering patent law, trademarks, copyright infringement, and more.


Dealing with litigation between two or more businesses can be an enormous undertaking, requiring experienced litigators with a deep understanding of the law.


Enforcing contract law ensures that businesses function properly. In breach of contract cases, Hansen Reynolds can provide litigation services to enforce the terms of your contract.


If you or your business are subject to professional liability laws, Hansen Reynolds can provide you with advising and legal counsel, as well as legal representation.


Disputes between covered individuals and their insurance providers are an unfortunate fact of life. Our litigators can assist you in getting the coverage you've paid for.


When you are negatively affected by predatory business practices, acquiring the right legal team to represent your case is the first step towards being compensated for any damages.


If your rights as an employee or employer have been violated, our team of litigators can help make sure you are fairly compensated for any losses you've incurred.


Our experienced litigators can assist in cases involving various areas of real estate litigation, including lien claims, bid disputes, and contractor/subcontractor disputes.

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Complex Litigation with Simple Solutions

We are trial lawyers. We look at each case the same way – as if it is going to trial. We work backwards from that endpoint. Everything we do is designed to win at trial.

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in complex business and patent cases. Our clients range from small private companies and individuals to Fortune 500 corporations and international firms.

Hansen Reynolds has a national practice, having litigated cases in 37 states. We draw from the best law schools in the country and have assembled a team of trial lawyers from the most prestigious U.S. law firms.

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