Hansen Reynolds, LLC provides support for attorneys in need of third-party mediation and arbitration – to help them resolve their cases. Partner and Attorney Jeffrey A. Conen is a key member of the team who continues to excel in the field of arbitration and mediation, while simultaneously working to promote ethics and professionalism among mediators and arbitrators.

With that in mind, the Hansen Reynolds Team is proud to announce that Attorney Jeff Conen has been accepted to the American Academy of ADR Attorneys (AAAA) Board of Directors. The prestigious position is elected annually and promises to have an impact on the practice of alternate dispute resolution in the legal arena.

What Does the American Academy of ADR Attorneys Do?

The American Academy of ADR Attorneys (AAAA) – and its Board of Directors – was established in 1998 in Des Moines, IA. The organization puts a focus on alternate dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration via continued education and the promotion of legal ethics and professional competence. The American Academy of ADR Attorneys strives to exhibit the highest level of legal ethics, professionalism and competence.

To enhance the ethics, education and skills of attorneys, mediators and arbitrators, the American Academy of ADR Attorneys relies on a Board of Directors that meets each quarter to review continuing education programs, board certifications by the Iowa Supreme Court, membership opportunities, finances and much more. The President of the AAAA Board of Directors is elected to a two-year term by his peers – while additional members of the Board of Directors are elected each year. Attorney Jeffrey A. Conen of Hansen Reynolds, LLC is the latest addition to the AAAA Board of Directors.

Learn About Attorney Jeffrey A. Conen at Hansen Reynolds, LLC

Attorneys involved in mediation and arbitration or who have employed Hansen Reynolds, LLC as third-party mediators may recognize Attorney Jeff Conen’s name. Attorney Jeffrey A. Conen has a list of accomplishments and credentials that make his appointment to the American Academy of ADR Attorneys an obvious decision.

  • 12 Years of Experience as a Private Practice Attorney
  • 23 Years as a Milwaukee County Circuit Judge
  • Presided Over More than 400 Jury Trials in Civil and Criminal Cases
  • Certificate in Mediation – Northwestern University
  • Certified Mediator for the Chicago Bar Association Mediation Services
  • 25 Years on the Faculty for the Office of Judicial Education

How Does the American Academy of ADR Attorneys Help Mediators and Arbitrators?

Attorneys who wish to continue their legal education as mediators or arbitrators may find that the American Academy of ADR Attorneys is a valuable resource and may want to consider membership. The Academy can help attorneys with board certification via the Iowa Supreme Court, keep attorneys informed with member articles and resources, provide Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars each year, aid in networking with a membership directory and much more.

Join us at Hansen Reynolds, LLC in celebrating Attorney Jeff Conen’s acceptance to the American Academy of ADR Attorneys Board of Directors! Contact us for more information on how we can serve as impartial, third-party mediators and arbitrators in your case.