Attorneys involved in civil and commercial law cases may need a third-party mediator or arbitrator to reach an agreement on behalf of their clients. Hansen Reynolds, LLC specializes in providing neutral mediation and arbitration services in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Attorney Jeffrey A. Conen is an integral part of the Hansen Reynolds, LLC Team and has been recognized for his skills as a mediator and arbitrator as a new member of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (NADN). His experience as a private practice attorney and a 23-year Milwaukee County Circuit Judge have made his skills as a third-party mediator invaluable to those he serves.

More About Attorney Jeffrey Conen and The National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals

A partner at Hansen Reynolds, LLC,  – Jeffrey A. Conen has decades of experience in the courtroom, both in private practice and on the bench. Jeff Conen has worked in private practice as an attorney, served as a Municipal Judge for the City of Glendale and served as a Milwaukee County Circuit Judge in more than 400 jury trials – which gives him valuable experience to act as an impartial mediator and arbitrator in civil and family law matters.

The National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals was formed in 2008 and is the premier professional organization for legal mediators and arbitrators in America who practice in civil and commercial conflict mediation. Members of this elite organization have demonstrated excellence as mediators and arbitrators in their respective states and are invited to the NADN by peer invitation. Each member is vetted by their peers to ensure they meet the necessary standards as a neutral party in cases and their information is included in a member directory that is available to more than 20,000 law firms across the United States.

How Does an Attorney Join the NADN?

Members of the NADN serve as mediators and arbitrators in numerous types of cases and are handpicked by their peers for their expertise as neutral third-party mediators. To be recognized as a member of The National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals any potential member must meet three primary criteria:

  • Serve as a mediator in more than 200 private civil cases  – that exclude pro bono and family law cases.
  • Serve as an arbitrator in more than 20 civil cases through to the final award.
  • Must have a minimum of 5 years experience as a professional mediator or arbitrator with 30% of cases devoted to civil/commercial litigation.

We are proud to announce that Attorney Jeffrey A. Conen has received national recognition as a mediator and arbitrator and has been welcomed as a new member to The National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals. Hansen Reynolds, LLC has the experience litigators need in civil cases that require mediation or arbitration and Jeffrey A. Conen is a big reason why.

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